Rooftop decks make great use of flat surfaces on top of your home. If you optimize the design of your rooftop deck, it can become a private place to kick back, soak up the sun and enjoy the views. Decorating rooftop floating decks isn’t just about aesthetic appeal, it’s also about functionality.

  1. Create Shade

Unlike standard decks, rooftop decks don’t receive cover from homes, trees or nearby structures. That means they’re fully exposed to the sun. If you want an outdoor space that’s usable any time of day, regardless of the heat, it’s important to incorporate design elements that block some of the direct sunlight. Thankfully, there are plenty of options. Umbrellas, awnings, shade sails and gazebos create sun cover without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. You can even build a permanent roof over part of your deck.

  1. Choose the Right Seating

Regardless of how you plan to use your deck, you’re going to need seating. The type of seating you choose, however, should depend on the primary function of your space. If you want to host rooftop parties, consider incorporating flexible seating options that can fill different roles, such as ottomans, stools, or side tables. Is grilling or dining al fresco more your thing? Add a picnic bench or outdoor dining table. If your dream is all about relaxation, make sure you choose cushioned seats that provide maximum comfort.

  1. Incorporate Lighting

If you add lighting to your rooftop deck, you won’t have to pack it in when the sun goes down. String lights are a popular choice because they add warmth and whimsy, turning your deck into a cozy nighttime oasis. LED lighting mounted in the floor or along rails provides a more modern feel, while fire pits offer both lighting and a center point for social gatherings. Lanterns come in a range of styles that can complement almost any deck design.

With the right shade options, seating, and lighting, you can create the rooftop deck of your dreams.


3 Design Tips To Optimize Your Rooftop Deck

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