There are plenty of tasks to juggle when moving. Managing decluttering, transporting your belongings and transitioning to a new home can feel overwhelming; however, many people forget about their physical health and wellbeing during a big move. Moves present the perfect equation and opportunity for you to injure yourself. If you want to avoid injury during your upcoming move, these tips can help.

Hire Help

If you are planning to manage your move yourself, don’t. There are countless ways that you can injure yourself throughout the moving process which can be easily avoided by hiring a moving company Greensboro NC.


One of the first steps of packing must be decluttering. Ridding yourself of old, useless items is essential if you want to reduce the number of things that you will be transporting. Not only will this decrease your labor, but it will also reduce the size and weight of your move.

Pack Carefully

While you will want to protect your belongings, packing without overstuffing and using sturdy boxes will also help you stay safe. Don’t set yourself up for pain and failure and consider your safety from start to finish.

Recognize Your Limits

Recognizing your physical limits and respecting them will also help you have a safe move. Knowing your body’s limits can help you avoid overextending yourself which can make you prone to injury. Always use a proper lifting technique and listen to your body’s limits.

Take Breaks and Time to Refuel

Moving is often a multiday process that can take its toll on the body, especially on the day of the big move. Because of the physical demands of moving, you likely will be exerting a lot of energy and being depleted and overworked are the perfect conditions to sustain an injury. Make sure that you are the energy necessary to power through your move by taking breaks and fueling your body.

Moving can often present significant risks to your physical wellbeing if you aren’t careful; however, you can set yourself up for success with just a few steps and some careful precautions.

How To Avoid Injury as You Move

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