Your home is your haven. It keeps you safe from the elements, providing warmth in the winter, and cooling comfort in the summer. The roof and walls keep you safe from the elements. Many of the ways your home keeps you comfortable require the use of appliances and equipment that need energy. Inefficient equipment can drive your energy bills through the roof. Fortunately, there are plenty of home upgrades that can help to improve your home’s energy use and save you money over time.

Windows and Doors

One surprisingly quick and easy upgrade is to add new weatherstripping or re-caulk around doors and windows. Doing so helps to eliminate drafts. If you have older, single-pane windows, you might consider replacing them with newer models. Newer windows do a much better job at maintaining the internal temperature of your home.

Water System

Upgrading your water systems can help to reduce your energy bill and your water usage, lowering both bills while improving efficiency. There are several things that you can do, including installing low-flow toilets and showers, as well as a new tankless water heater Williamsburg VA.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is one that allows you to program in a temperature schedule. You don’t have to get up or remember to change it before bed, when you wake up, or when you leave. Many allow you to even set a vacation mode. You can connect to some of the newest models with your smartphone, allowing you to manage the temperature of your home from anywhere.

These are just a few of the many home upgrades that can help you improve the overall energy-efficiency of your home. One great way to determine the best upgrades is to get an energy audit. When you take the time to improve the energy usage of your home, you can lower your bills and boost your property’s value.


3 Home Upgrades That Improve Efficiency

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