Predictive technologies for nearly every industry are becoming more common than ever. If there’s a piece of machinery or a building that needs to be cared for, there is a monitoring solution to do so. Here are some of the ways predictive solutions pay for themselves over time.

Predictive Maintenance

The most economical feature of predictive monitoring may be the ability for the system to recommend maintenance. Many systems use complex algorithms to determine when a machine or part of a building needs routine maintenance, ensuring the monitored item doesn’t degrade faster than it should over time.

Preventing Disaster

Failure of any part of a building can lead to catastrophic damage that costs owners significant amounts of money to properly repair. A good example is snow loading. In areas with a lot of snowfall, the weight of snow building up can cause roofs to collapse. Monitoring snow loads allows owners and managers to take action before a serious problem occurs and the building is significantly damaged.

Preserving Human Safety

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of owning and managing a building is the responsibility to keep those who live, work or play there safe. While building damage due to snow load is certainly expensive, any injury or loss of human life due to that damage is immeasurably worse. In addition to loss of reputation, injuries or death may lead to lawsuits that can quickly put you out of business. When monitoring is available to prevent this from happening, there’s simply no reason to take the risk.

A good service takes into account multiple elements that you can’t monitor on your own, like the effect of rain and snow, snow drifting and the effect of any buildings that may surround your own. With a 24/7 service, you’ll be able to take preventative action and ensure your building stays in good shape through snowy season.



How Predictive Monitoring Saves You Money

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