There are many things you can do to beautify your yard, but the grandest gesture you can make is to take care of your trees. Not only do they provide shade for your home and yard, but a healthy tree provides refuge for countless creatures from squirrels to birds to butterflies. Make a commitment to take care of your trees for your own good and for the greater good.


Keeping your trees healthy should be your top yard maintenance priority. Most trees should be fertilized with a slow or fast release style fertilizer depending on the type of soil. Consult with a local tree expert for advice. If your tree is diseased or has died due to natural or nature-related causes, consider how long you want to keep the tree. Because dead trees become brittle and fall easily in bad weather, sometimes tree removal Fairfax VA is your best option.


If you’ve had to remove a tree or you have extra space in your yard, consider planting a new one. Arbor Day is a great day to plant a tree, and local organizations have free or at-cost trees suitable for the local area to give away. You will need to consider what will work best on your property too, or if you want a shade tree or maybe a fruit tree. Arbor Day volunteers should be able to help you make the best decision.


You will never be more thankful that you have trimmed your trees regularly than when a windstorm hits your area. A properly trimmed tree should shed very few branches in bad weather. Tree trimming actually encourages healthier growth as the tree can focus its growing energy in fewer areas.

Keeping your trees healthy and happy is a gift that you can give yourself and your neighborhood. Trees help combat soil erosion, climate change and keep your home energy costs in check. It’s a win-win for everyone, and everything, involved.


Keeping Your Trees in Tip-Top Shape

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