As a real estate developer, you need to make sure your property fulfills your vision. Whether you are looking toward building a new space or renovating an existing structure, you want to ensure you and your contractor are on the same blueprint. When preparing for a major job, follow these tips for initially communicating with your construction contractor to ensure you leave no brick unturned.

Reliability Expectations

When you first meet with your general contractor Sacramento CA, demonstrate that you expect trustworthy, credible performance. Ask to see their portfolio and to visit a previous project. Establish whether you can contact a former client to assess how responsive the contractor was throughout the project.

Ongoing Communication

Clarify whom you will be able to discuss project matters with throughout the job. Let your contractor know you want a single point-of-contact. This is critical for two reasons. First, you do not need to have to figure out whom you need to reach for each particular concern. Second, workers in each area of construction use particular vocabulary specific to those particular areas. A knowledgeable insider will know how to translate your concerns appropriately.

Business Decorum

Contractors deal with clients spanning a breadth of industries. From bureaucratic school district heads to cutting-edge disruptive technology leaders, clients all have different meeting and interaction expectations. Because you can not expect your contractor to read your mind, you need to lay out your expectations from the beginning. For example, note how often and under what forum you expect formal meetings to occur. Also, clarify your expectations for formal reports: how often you would like to see them, in what format and how they can be presented.

As a major construction client, you can not afford to act as a bystander to the project. From the beginning, set the tone for how you want ongoing communications to proceed. Doing so will ensure you do not have to scramble nights leaving frantic voice mail messages; rather, you can instead rest easy knowing you have a system for working out project details.


Tips for Talking With Your Contractor About Your Commercial Project

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