Is your bathroom creating more stress instead of relieving it? Your private bathing space should be a calm place for you to go about your everyday routine, but if it’s outdated and full of clutter, it isn’t really serving its purpose. Here are three great bathroom renovations that make your space more comfortable and relaxing.

  1. Update Your Bathing Routine

The condition of your tub or shower has an impact on how you get ready every day. There have been so many aesthetic and functional advances in recent years, from frameless glass showers to luxurious freestanding tubs. Even something as simple as swapping out your showerhead for a rainfall model makes a difference in your bathing routine. The right Fox Valley plumbing fixtures can enhance your self-care regimen.

  1. Remove Clutter

All the products that you use to stay clean and presentable can seriously clutter up a small space like a bathroom. When your bathroom is filled with toiletries and other items, it’s not really a conducive space to relax. An easy way to clear up clutter is to install a shelf above the bathroom door. It instantly gets items out of your lines of sight and makes the room feel clean and spacious.

  1. Add Soft Illumination

Good lighting can transform any space in the house. In your bathroom, consider installing rich accent lighting to promote a relaxing vibe. It’s best to use indirect lighting to create a soft glow throughout the room. Install LED strip lighting directly beneath your vanity mirror, along crown molding and below the toe-kick of the vanity cabinet. Hook the fixtures to a dimmer switch to make a design statement.

Turning your morning or nightly routine into a relaxing ritual helps relieve stress and anxiety. Follow the tips above to transform your private bathroom into a peaceful spot to get away from it all and ease away everyday cares.


3 Best Upgrades To Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing

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