Semi-trailers are available in several configurations to suit most cargo types. Standard-length trailers are equipped with either swing doors or overhead roll-ups. Pup trailers are shorter in length, making them easier to haul when it comes to navigating narrow, congested city streets. Air-ride suspension trailers provide additional bump-smoothing, customizable trailer height and automatic leveling. Three or more axle trailers allow for heavier loads in some states. The choice of a semi-trailer depends on the job.

Most trailers are loaded from the rear cargo door. Standard 48- and 53-foot semi-trailers are available with either swing doors or overhead roll-up doors. Traditional cargo loading doors, such as swing door trailers Everett WA, include several benefits that should be considered when making a choice.

More Cargo Space

According to a story from Truckinginfo, semi-trailers equipped with swing doors are easy to operate and do not require the driver or loader to push the door up and out of the way. When opened and latched in place, swing doors allow the full interior of the trailer to be loaded. With overhead doors, the roller guides and the door itself take up some of the interior cargo space.

Once the swing doors are closed, and the racking rods latched into place, the rigidity of the doors adds stiffness to the entire trailer frame.

The simple design of typical swing doors reduces maintenance. Overhead doors should be inspected regularly and routinely maintained to ensure reliable operation.

Durability Standards

Swing doors are manufactured to withstand a constant pressure of up to 10,000 lbs. uniformly across both doors when latched in the event cargo were to fall against them. Doors should be made with coated metal that meets ASTM standards. Doors made of zinc-coated steel or aluminum of sufficient thickness are preferred. Metals should be painted to resist corrosion from road salt.

Choosing a semi-trailer that meets industry standards and is designed for the cargo to be hauled helps improve safety and reduce costs.


Swing Trailer Doors Offer Simplicty, Stiffness and Space

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