Buried underground, the septic tank gets little attention until something goes horribly wrong. Whether it be a backflow of sewage through the drains in the home or a terrible smell coming from the ground, septic tank problems are frustrating. Using septic tank services Lindenhurst is a way to address a problem that has already occurred, but choosing to take good care of your system can be a preventative against stinky issues and costly repairs.

Learn About Your Septic System

Just like anything else, you will be more effective in your maintenance and prevention strategies if you know something about your septic system. Permits are required before a system can be installed, and you can find out where the tank is located by checking with the records office for your town or county. You may also see visual cues from the sewer cover, leads coming from the house or following the direction of the sewer pipe.

Let Professionals Pump the System

Every three to five years is the average length of time you should schedule between septic tank pumping. Pumping will remove the solids from the tank, but the service provider will generally check for leaks and buildup of sludge around the tank at the same time. Hang on to your maintenance records, as you can refer to them when problems come up or when you decide to sell your home.

Use Your Drains and Toilets as Intended

Pouring or flushing the wrong things down your drains and toilets can lead to big problems with your septic systems. Toilet paper has been designed to break down when inside the septic tank, something that diapers, dental floss, hair and other things aren’t created to do. Lotions, paints and oils can also clog your pipes and gunk up your septic tank, leading to costly fixes that simple prevention could have avoided.

Take care of your septic system like you would your car or any other costly investment. A little maintenance goes a long way in preventing serious problems.


Tips for Caring for Your Septic System

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