Many people choose to invest in storage space outside of their home when they are living in rather close quarters. Because it may be somewhat less convenient to access these items in a hurry, it is important to consider which possessions to keep at a storage facility and which to keep at home.

  1. Holiday Decorations

One of the best things to keep in your storage unit Petaluma is the décor you only need to bring out once a year. These decorations include everything from the wreaths you hang on your door to the ornaments you hang on your tree. Remember to separate different holidays into different, clearly-labeled boxes.

  1. Out-of-Season Sports Equipment

Other possessions that you only use for one or two seasons out of the year include some types of sports equipment. For example, you could consider taking all of your pool or beach toys to a storage facility during the winter. Likewise, your sleds and ice skates can be stowed away during the summer.

  1. Furniture

Property that you are not currently using but expect to use in future living arrangements may include furniture. Big, bulky items such as dressers take up too much room at your home. Consider hauling these items to your storage unit until you are able to use them.

  1. Kids’ Things

A final option includes things your kids have outgrown or are planning to take with them once they are more established. Many of these items are likely not being used, so it is a good idea to store them outside of the home. Be sure to use well-sealed plastic containers for delicate items or things made of fabric.

Depending on your situation, investing in a storage facility might free up some much-needed space in your house. Even so, be sure to carefully consider which items to store where so that what you need is always at your fingertips.


4 Things You Should Be Keeping in Your Storage Unit

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