If you’ve moved before, you know that quite a few myths are surrounding the whole process. Along the same lines, quite a few myths are floating around about what it is like to work with a local moving service Kennesaw. This stems from the fact that most people don’t move enough to know what it is like working with movers. Below are some proven facts about these companies.

The Movers Will Not Move Everything

For liability, safety, and legal reasons, your movers cannot move all the belongings in your house. Therefore, you should ask upfront for a complete list of the items that they will not move. Generally, this will include hazardous materials, plants, and food.

Labeling Every Box With Plenty of Details Is Helpful

It is time-consuming for you to label every box with the contents it contains and the room it will go in when you arrive at your new home. But doing so will save you a lot of time when you get home because it allows the movers to put the boxes where they belong, so you don’t have to worry about moving them around on your own.

The Moving Company’s Insurance Does Not Always Protect your Belongings

Even when using the most reliable company, the coverage you get through their insurance policy will not protect your move. That said, you can normally get extra coverage by paying a fee. If you’re really concerned about your items being broken during a move, you can talk to your company representative and ask their opinion on what to do. Also, your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover some of your belongings without purchasing additional coverage.

Before you move, you need to know the facts about working with a moving company. Remember these key things to ensure that your move goes seamlessly.

Facts About Moving With a Moving Company

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