Buying and selling a home is challenging and time-consuming. Also, in a tight market, it can be frustrating. Therefore, you need a great real estate agent to help you. These are tips to help you find a great agent.

Ask For Referrals

Your best source of information about local real estate agents is your network. For example, you may ask a friend, family member or peer who has recently purchased or sold a home about their experiences and their agents. You may also speak with your mortgage broker or the financial institution you plan to get your financing through. Local contractors, property managers and real estate attorneys are also great resources.

Do Some Research

Your next step is to conduct some research. For example, you should research local companies, e.g., real estate company Toms River. Start with the names of the real estate agents and companies you were referred to. Are they members of the National Association of Realtors, making them realtors? What is their certification level? For example, have they received training in residential sales and purchases?

Also, search for their online reviews and their chamber of commerce and Better Business Bureau statuses. Look for outstanding complaints. Your state’s real estate regulator can tell you whether the agent or company has any outstanding citations or has received any disciplinary actions.

Conduct Interviews

Interview at least three agents. Ask about the agent’s experience. How long are their properties usually on the market and how quickly they are able to find homes for prospective buyers? Ask about current and near-future market trends. Find out about their familiarity with the area, specifically the neighborhood you either want to buy or sell in. Your real estate agent should make an effort to recruit you as a client. However, look for agents who are professional, not pushy. Monitor your comfort level as well. Ask for and check their references.

The housing market is highly competitive. Place yourself in the best position by working with a reputable, experienced real estate agent.

Tips for Finding a Real Estate Company

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