Uneven concrete can cause severe problems in your shop or workplace. If you must perform precision work, a rough surface will significantly hinder your abilities. You might think you have to completely replace concrete that sits unevenly or fill in gaps that aren’t level. However, this can be costly and messy if you use a leveling filler. Grinding an uneven slab can be much easier and cost-effective.

Rent Equipment

There are industrial-sized grinders that can cover an extensive area in one day. Renting this equipment temporarily can be much cheaper than replacing worn-out concrete. These walk-behind grinders can remove cracks and bubbles on the surface, epoxy coatings and other high spots that are troubling you.

If there is only a tiny area causing problems, try renting an angle grinder and diamond grind wheel. There are several attachments available depending on your situation. Angle grinders are also good if you need to remove spots on the walls or ceiling. Use a straightedge to gauge your flatness and check your progress often.

Choose the Right Grit

If you have prominent, protruding ridges, you will need an abrasive wheel that can cut down the material faster. The aggressive grinding wheels leave a rough surface, which may be acceptable for specific applications, such as installing flooring or working in a shop. If you want a smoother, more polished surface, equip wheels with a higher grit rating. These polishing wheels are suitable for removing sticky residues and preparing floors for further coating.

Control the Dust

These machines will create a ton of dust, so it’s in your best interest to have appropriate dust control. You can rent an industrial vacuum and cover everything with plastic or spray the floor down to create a slurry. Either way is effective but always wear the proper safety equipment.

Alternative Options

If leveling your floor is not possible, you still have other options besides replacing the whole floor. Try leveling your equipment to the floor or installing leveling casters if you must move heavy objects around the shop. This is another cheap way to get the results you need without renovating your entire workplace.

Leveling your concrete floor may seem like a daunting task, but it can be done in one or two days with the proper equipment. You can also try other techniques to level your gear to the floor. Either way will save you a lot of time and money. Before committing to a costly restoration project, try this method instead.

Why You Should Level Your Concrete Floors

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