There are various people involved in a real estate transaction. Each one has a distinctive nature, attitude, ability and skills. Let us look at them in detail.

Real Estate Agents in the Game

Agents or brokers selling a real estate property are professionals in their field, but just like any other workers, they vary widely in experience and ability to understand what they are doing. Every state has mandatory license requirements for these agents, and they must pass an exam in addition to thirty or more hours of classroom study. When they obtain their license, most of them may have knowledge of the laws governing realty practices. However, to become really good in this field, they need real-time experience, which they intend to gain by working for an established realty broker. After a year or so, they learn the art, the crowd, the pitfalls and much else. It is then that they learn the art of real estate buying and selling. Their goal is to win this game, and their playmates are buyers and sellers in the market.

Buyers in the Game

Buyers are those who want to buy a property of their interest for as little as possible without compromising quality for price. In the end, the buyers bring cash into the transaction and write checks for any real estate agent fees. They are playing this game as well, to win with others involved in the transaction. Being a buyer is not as easy as an agent because there is so much of their own money at stake. It is also hard to get what they are looking for in a competitive market. However, they have the opportunity to enter and exit the market at their will, learn a lot about real estate and look for better deals. They have plenty of house to browse. They, with the assistance of the agent, will know what is happening around them.

Sellers in the Game

It is lonely being a seller because most sellers may have been selling the house for the first time or may have sold only a couple of times before. They are obviously not as experienced as agents and it is hard to acquire enough experience when selling is not their job. Sellers, in fact most of them, have to wait and wait till their house gets sold. In between, they aren’t aware of what is happening around them, and the answers to their questions are often vague. Their only goal is to set a price for the house and sell it for the highest bidder.

What Does Winning Means for Each of Them?

Real estate game is not based on luck. It is about being attentive and putting the needed effort. Winning this game for a buyer is to find the best house and buy it for the minimum possible price. Winning for a seller is to sell the house with zero complexity for the highest possible price. And winning for the agent is to get that check coming.

Buyers, Sellers and Agents in Real Estate Game

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